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From Specialist Educational Staff to Panathinaikos Infrastructure

Winter Basketball Schools

In Panathinaikos Worldwide Basketball Academy Turkey basketball academies we aimed to teach all our athletes to be good athletes first. With a correct posture, correct breathing, and systematically trained training, our athletic athletic abilities are observed from the outside in a short period of time. Besides giving them basic basketball skills, To improve their physical characteristics, to be friends, to be a team, to help and gain discipline at an early age. Our trainings are given by our technical team, who also has experience in national team, and our technical team is interested in our sportsmen individually.

Summer Basketball Schools

The education period is over and the schools are closing, but now we can ensure that our children spend more time in sporty terms. The best way to clean mental exhaustion in the winter is to practice a bit. Of course, we are not bored with classmates, but in the summer it is not a bad idea to have a new teammate. Panathinaikos Worldwide Basketball Academy Turkey will be waiting for our children at their academies during the summer months. Let us not forget that after a productive and dynamic summer, the new school year begins more strongly and strongly.

Panathinaikos Worldwide Basketball Academy Turkey

BASKET PAD (Online Management System)


  • Create and manage database of athletes
  • Organize the various teams of the academy
  • Record somatometric statistics, evaluations of performance and other useful data of athletes
  • Keep financial data of subscriptions and attendance of training sessions
  • Additional information about training, coaching and special techniques


  • Monitor the progress of their children
  • Updates on their financial status
  • Keep track of the attendance, performance and development of their child
  • Direct communication with the coaching staff and the academy
  • Constant updates on tournaments, tryouts and other official events


Both sports and recreation … After an intensive training session, our campers will experience a camping experience with Panathinaikos Worldwide Basketball Academy Turkey that they will never forget. On the one hand, they will experience sports consciousness, discipline, competition spirit, feelings of being a team, winning, losing and sharing. When doing all this, they will not understand how time has passed with movie hours, animated shows, nature walk, beach games, karaoke and many other fun activities. While this experience makes a difference in your personality development, you will immediately notice the effects on your social environment. Good nutrition, strong workout, energetic activities and comfortable sleep! Everything a camper needs …

Training and experienced coaches at international level.

Individual talent development activities, participation in domestic and international tournaments.

The chance to play in the Panathinaikos basketball team infrastructure.

Online Management System

Simple and centralized management of the Network


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